A reflection of effective distribution is our growth for which we thank the Lord:


  1. COST & AUDIENCE: Advertising in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE costs substantially less than comparable display advertising in the Verizon Yellow Pages, and other targeted specialty directories. Here the distribution is primarily directed to a very loyal, redeemed, called out clientele looking for honest, dependable business people and professionals. Substantial mailings (over 59% of the Buxmont distribution) to homes, churches, businesses, and Christian schools comprise an important part of the network.
  2. IDENTIFICATION: (Matthew 5:16) "we are to let our light shine before men." The Lord honors obedience! By having a copy of the CBG in your place of business, and especially with your advertisement inside, you are saying that you are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Many have allowed the Christian Business Guide to provide a witnessing opportunity to a nonbeliever or as a bridge-building vehicle of fellowship unite the body of Christ (John 17).
  3. SHARE THE GOOD NEWS: (Acts 1:8) Christ said, "And ye shall be witnesses unto Me." Your representation in the Christian Business Guide gives you a unique opportunity to take a stand and witness for Christ in the business world while reaching the thousands of prospective customers with your advertisement all year long. To date over 737 coupons and cards were received in this area in response to the "Are You Saved?"/How To Be Born Again/HowTo Receive Eternal Life advertisement. Note the Scriptures at the top of each page of the Christian Business Guide. Each respondent is sent a free New Testament and literature. What other advertising media lifts up God's Word like this?
  4. LOVE, HONOR, AND PREFER THY BROTHER: The Apostle Paul belabors the point; LOVE your brother (1 John 5:14) Honor your brother (Romans 12:12) and do good especially to your brother (Galatians 6:10). The Christian Business Guide provides an opportunity to the Christian businessperson and the Christian community to come together.
  5. PROSPER FOR THE LORD'S SAKE: (3 John 2) Use the Christian Business Guide with faith that you may prosper and give back to the Lord even as he has given to us. Christian ministries here and across the world are supported as a result of advertising. Reinvest in God's Kingdom by investing in the Christian Business Guide!
  6. Attorney DAVID G. GARNER is not only unashamed to take a stand for the Lord as a Christian professional but reaps abundant returns from his advertising in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE.
  7. BRENDA WALKER of 1st CHRISTIAN JANITORIAL (FCJ) SERVICES reports better response than for her entry in the Verizon Yellow Pages.
  8. PAUL CHRISTY of CHRISTY'S CARDS & GIFTS counted 18 calls from his first year entry and has upgraded for renewal.
  9. ARCH STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH writes us: "...we have used your directory to engage servicepeople and have been very pleased."
  10. ALLEN ELLIS of CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE CONTRACTORS, INC. praises the Lord with at least 30 people responding to his entries in the directory. Glory be to God!
  11. RON LUCAS of Wetherill Hearing Aid Associates reported 2 sales in the first year of advertising, multiplying his investment manifold.
  12. Contractor JOSEPH HINES attributes over half of his calls as a result of advertising in the Christian Business Guide.
  13. Mover JOHN GEHMAN gained 9 calls in the first 3 weeks of distribution; his ad paid for itself promptly!
  14. Mike Marzo of LION COLLISION & AUTOMOTIVE CENTER has upgraded his display advertising 3 times as he gets lots of work from his ads.
  15. Cake baker EMOGENE TURNIPSEED received a call from an unbeliever and led him to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ...far more valuable than any monetary return from her listing. Hallelujah!!!
  16. Contractor JAMES J. KELLY III attributes 35% to 40% of his business from his display ads and various headings in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE.
  17. DISCOUNT PLUMBING reports the ad is doing real good with a nice job for $6,500.00.
  18. Counselor DALE McELHINNEY states that the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE is a "good source of referrals" and has upgraded his advertisement.
  19. DAVID CALDWELL of Christian Builders Home Remodeling reported a $6,000.00 job and 90% of all business from his advertisement in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE.
  20. TRAMA ROOFING is another satisfied advertiser since 1983, currently with multi-directory advertising.
  21. DR. WILLET B. NEFF of Neff Chiropractic writes that dollar for dollar his advertisement in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE produces a much higher return than either the Verizon Yellow Pages or the Yellow Book. (First in 1988, again in the 1990s and also repeated thereafter!)
  22. TOM HOUPT of B & H Solariums and Estates Chimney Sweep comments that his advertisement pays...and he began with us in the 1985 edition!
  23. MIKE SNYDER of Township Pest Control exudes enthusiasm with his praise report of three local churches and numerous households that contacted him through the Christian Business Guide.
  24. JEAN SANDERS of WHITE DOVE PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL says that aside from word of mouth, CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE is the only means of generating new calls.
  25. Dentist DR. ELSIE CASIMIR is pleased and praising God about the response from the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE...another advertiser exceeding the Verizon Yellow Pages returns.
  26. GREG FREEMAN of DRAD COMPUTER reports 6 calls in 11 days.
  27. Podiatrist DR. JOHN J. ORLANDO, JR., advertiser since 1984, comments that more and more people are responding and mentioning the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE with both believers and unbelievers using and saving the directories over the years.
  28. ANTHONY CARDI from AN ELEGANT AFFAIR BRIDAL & TUXEDO GALLERY writes to us : "Your yellow pages looks very nice this year. We have been seeing a good response. Keep up the good work." Praise God!
  29. PAUL KOLLMEYER, retired entrepreneur, prior to selling his business, kindly commented, "I have matured spiritually by observing your operation."
  30. MORRIS PAUL KENNEDY of MORRIS SERVICES wrote: "Not only do I use brothers and sisters through this service...my company has received much success...thank you for designing my ad...it makes my company feel professional as I do in conducting my business. The God of our Salvation is so good, people call day and night."
  31. Painting Contractor BOB WURGLEY received 10 calls and 10 jobs in 2 months.
  32. Jim Smith of CARPETSMITH received a $5,000.00 job from his ad in the CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE directory.
  33. Cyndi Simmons of TULIP HOME DECOR received 2 new customers from her first year entry, which more than paid for her investment in the Christian Business Guide

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