The Christian Business Guide is a resource widely used by business owners, consumers and families in the Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. With over 34 years of service, we've established ourselves as a reliable tool for our readers to accurately find the businesses and services they need. We promote Christian values while working hard to gain a strong footprint in the Delaware Valley and all surrounding areas.
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75,000 copies of our directory are printed and distributed for Philadelphia each year. There are 70,000 copies printed and distributed for Buxmont each year. Total distribution is over 145,000 copies! Since volume 1 was released in 1983, there have been over 4 million copies published!

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Reach more customers - when you advertise with Christian Business Guide more customers will see your business. You can advertise in our book as well as on our website. We print more than 155,000 copies of our directory! We have been serving and helping local businesses grow for over 34 years! Contact us and get started today.

Closing date for the Philadelphia directory is July 28, 2017.
Closing date for the Buxmont directory is January 26, 2018.
Chester/Delaware County/Main Line edition is October 27, 2017.
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